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cervicothoracic ganglion a ganglion on the sympathetic trunk anterior to the lowest cervical or first thoracic vertebra. It is formed by a union of the seventh and eighth cervical and first thoracic ganglia. Called also stellate ganglion.
celiac trunk the arterial trunk arising from the abdominal aorta and giving origin to the left gastric, common hepatic, and splenic arteries. encephalic trunk brainstem . lumbosacral trunk a trunk formed by union of the lower part of ventral branch of the fourth lumbar …

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Human nervous system – Movement
Human nervous system – Human nervous system – Movement: Movements of the body are brought about by the harmonious contraction and relaxation of selected muscles. Contraction occurs when nerve impulses are transmitted across neuromuscular junctions to the membrane covering each muscle fibre. Most muscles are not continuously contracting but are kept in a state ready to contract. The slightest