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How to Open a Beer Without a Bottle Opener
 · 7 Sneaky Ways to Open a Beer Without a Bottle Opener Brandon Specktor Updated: Feb. 09, 2017 Sometimes a bottle opener just isn’t there when you need it. Never fear: with a firm grip and a basic

5 Crafty Ways To Open A Beer Without A Bottle …

To open a beer using a key simply grip the neck of the bottle and position the key sideways under the cap (make sure the ridged side is under the cap) and the move the key up and down until the cap comes off. Unlike the countertop methodology, which is …

How To Open A Beer Without A Bottle Opener …

If there’s one thing everyone should learn on their 21 birthday, it’s how to open a beer without a bottle opener. Now that you have the freedom to drink legally there’s no reason to be tied down by a bottle opener– unless of course, it’s this cute bear bite bottle opener.

How to open a beer bottle without an opener: This trick …

In his tutorial, which he calls “How to open a bottle of beer with a piece of paper”, Rhys shows how it can be done using a standard A4 sheet. First, you fold the paper over and over to
Open a Beer with Your Forearm
If a twist-top beer is too tight to open with your bare hands and you don’t want to use your shirt, you can twist the top off by placing the cap forcefully in the flesh of your
How to Open a Beer Bottle
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How To: Open Bottles Without Bottle Openers
How To Open Beer Bottles #1 The Dollar Bill Method It’s time to put your money where your mouth is — literally! How this trick works is actually really simple. Just grab a dollar bill and fold

Your guide to opening a beer bar: From creating a …

 · Bond Street just published a great step-by-step guide on how to go about opening your very own bar, and we thought it was worth sharing with you CBBers that still have that dream of moving your craft beer love from your garage to, oh, a slightly larger abandoned garage in a rundown part of town.
We Asked 10 Brewers: Should I Open a Brewery?
 · With that in mind, we asked 10 of our favorite brewers to tell us the myriad reasons opening a successful brewery is much, much harder than we think. Truth hurts, we know. “It can be difficult

Too Much Beer? How to Save Your Beer After Opening …

 · Too much beer is hardly a bad problem to have, but there are times when, yes, you open a bottle and realize you can’t finish it. This often happens to me when I open large 750 mL bottles of specialty (and quite often very alcoholic) beers. Unless I open it with friends, it’s just too much for one sitting. I used to worry that the leftover would go to waste, but now I just save it for later
How to Open a Beer With a Sheet of Paper
J ust in time for Saint Patrick’s Day, a video of a guy demonstrating how to open a bottle of beer with a sheet of A4-size paper is going viral. The instructions in the description of the clip

How to Start a Brewery: Growing Your Own Craft Beer …

“You want to have the doors open when the beer-drinking season gets started. Winter months are usually the slowest for a brewery. You want to be open by April or May. Ideally, that’s not always in your control due to startup delays, but starting with April to May
How to Open a Bar
Mike Wiley and his brother Ben wanted to open a bar that specialized in craft beer and microbrews on Smith Street in Brooklyn. They approached a divey, consistently empty bar and asked the owner
So You Want to Start a Craft Brewery
The big beer companies don’t have much choice: Americans are buying less beer overall, with total sales volume dropping 1.3 percent in 2013, and sales remained flat in 2014.

How to Open a Beer with Esquire Magazine

How to Open a Beer with Esquire Magazine May 14, 2007 Illustration by Chris Philpot Fold the spine of the magazine so that a half inch of the cover, including the spine, is folded on top of itself
How to Open Everything When You’re Weak
Beer: Opening a bottle of beer is the best way to show off your strength, even if you have none. You can use a countertop , a ring , a piece of paper , and a lighter .
How to Get a Beer & Liquor License in Kentucky
You can open a distillery in a dry county, but you can’t have on-site samplings. Beyond that, the specific requirements depend partly on which type of license you need. There are different licenses for distilleries, restaurants that sell alcohol, package stores, wineries, breweries, caterers …